Tailored SaaS Solution


Our Software as a Service (SaaS) solution is designed to serve multiple objectives:


  • Access a catalog of premium immersive and interactive artworks, ideal for on-site use, especially in Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) settings.

  • Ensure a year-round immersive experience program, curated specifically for your audiences.

  • Leverage expertise and technical support from our team of specialists.

  • Provide an exclusive channel for cultural venues to learn about immersive and interactive experiences.


To achieve these goals, a dedicated website is available to our subscribers 24/7. This makes it easy for you to acquire operating rights via a pay-per-minute or fixed-price system (customized quotes designed by our sales team).


Our credit pack system simplifies the monetization of the service and guarantees you great flexibility in terms of programming or acquisition of additional services.


The data collected during your operations feeds back into the system, allowing you to monitor service usage. An integrated Application Programming Interface (API) ensures seamless interoperability with our other services.

A Comprehensive Content Management System (CMS)for VR Equipment


Our SaaS solution now includes a Content Management System (CMS) that lets our venue customers oversee the complete lifecycle of immersive experiences on their equipment. This key lifecycle encompasses three pivotal stages: installation, operation, and removal.


For managing all aspects on PCVR devices (VR headsets wired to a computer), we have designed a CMS made up of three elements called “Controller”, “Server” and “Launcher”. The Controller is the “master” software that drives the Launchers, the “slave” software installed on the VR headsets and immersive equipment (PCVR with headsets). The Server ensures system stability and connectivity.


For cutting-edge "standalone" headset devices (which operate independently without a computer), we've developed an all-in-one Launcher application. This Launcher offers access to a Kiosk mode, enabling users to select and launch artworks from a predefined selection. This Launcher application is compatible with Meta Quest 2, Pico Neo 3 and 4, or Vive Focus 3 headsets, with customizable design options to match the venue's visual identity.


Remote Programming Management Interface


Our CMS, available for PCVR configurations, is designed to cater to your needs. Through a control interface, you gain remote oversight and control of your various VR stations, including tasks like connection, installation, launching, shutdown, monitoring, deletion, headset management, and consumption tracking. These features are tailored to meet the requirements of VR and arcade spaces, with the ability to create multiple zones, streamline station management by a single person, boost user engagement, and ultimately drive higher revenue during operations.


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Credit Packs

After subscribing to a plan, you need to purchase one or more credit packs to activate the use of one or more works from our catalog. 

These credits will be used as you operate. 1 credit = €0.10.


Our Pricing Plans

✓ Pay-per-minute costs
✓ Flat fee
✓Annual plan for libraries and educational institutions 

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