Libraries & educational

We are pleased to present you a unique cultural offering, specially designed to allow libraries, media libraries, and educational institutions to showcase immersive and interactive works to their visitors, members, and students, effortlessly!


Unframed Collection is the first turnkey platform for the distribution of immersive and interactive experiences, designed to facilitate access for cultural venues to a quality offering and encourage its deployment to the public. The platform offers its subscribers an editorialized catalog of works as well as a set of customized services: training, equipment, maintenance, and networking.


Our editorial teams have designed evolving thematic playlists specifically tailored for libraries and educational institutions: Fine Arts, Ensemble(s), Architecture, Wildlife, Explorations, Music, Fablette...


An offering that appeals to both established audiences who will discover a new animation and a source of exchanges in an identified cultural sharing space, as well as to younger audiences, often curious about technological innovation. Virtual reality, augmented reality... these multi-sensory experiences harness the emotional power of technologies in the service of new authorial narratives and social and educational issues. These are virtual worlds deeply connected to reality, transporting, showing new possibilities, and allowing the exploration of new practices.


Supported by Europe Creative, Unframed Collection is an initiative of Lucid Realities, a pioneering production house in the field of digital creative industries, belonging to the multidisciplinary audiovisual group CLPB Media.


In response to a strong interest from the public in these new forms of experiences and the need for cultural venues to energize their digital offerings, we have created innovative distribution models in collaboration with institutions such as the Musée d'Orsay, the Louvre-Lens & the Musée du Louvre, the MIT Museum, the National Palace in Taipei, and the Serpentine Galleries in London. It is because the breaking down of expression forms and access to culture matter to us that we have taken care to build a pricing model accessible to all types of structures.


Enjoy the discovery,

Unframed Collection Team