Creators, producers, studios, Unframed Collection was developed to:


  • Accompany distribution locations in setting up temporary and/or permanent immersive experiences;
  • Improve the visibility of VR content and editorialise it using interviews with artists, latest industry news, and turnkey programming offers;
  • Offer new software solutions for VR headsets (Content Management System) in order to facilitate and automate a group of distribution procedures;
  • Guarantee real-time access to distribution and operating data relative to your works via dashboards and monitoring worksheets available through secured access to our platform;
  • Implement trade standards to find financial stability and open up operation opportunities to smaller structures;
  • Bridge the gap between content creators and distribution platforms in order to provide content opportunities in line with audience expectations.


At the heart of our offer: your works


At the heart of our offer: your works, via a regularly renewed premium selection of immersive works or presentations in cultural venues.


We encourage you to submit your works to the platform. Our technical and editorial teams will reach out to you very quickly.


Unframed Collection's commission is 30% of gross revenue generated by the sale of distribution rights according the two previously defined price options: a flat-rate system and a cost-per-minute system. 70% of the revenue generated is paid to the beneficiary who submitted the content to the platform.


For further information on the platform, please contact our teams here.






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