Pricing guidelines

Credit packs


To present one or several titles from our catalogue to your audiences and / or acquire additional services (training or other services), you must first purchase one or several credit packs. These credits will be spent as you exploit your rights (depending on the price option chosen: cost per minute or flat rate) or through the acquisition of additional services.


1 credit is worth €0.10


Several credit packs are offered:

5 000 CR, 10 000 CR, 50 000 CR or 100 000 CR


To obtain an estimation of your distribution costs, please see our credit simulator or contact our sales team:


This credit system was implemented to allow you to pre-secure your events or exhibitions budgets and allow you flexibility in developing your programming.


A cost-per-minute system


This price option is currently reserved for amusement arcades and cultural centres that have permanent VR spaces and /or exhibitions lasting over 1 month.

Thanks to our CMS (Content Management System), we can gather data on the utilisation of our content on your equipment and automatically calculate distribution fees.

The cost per minute of a work is chosen by the beneficiary from within a price ranging from 10 to 20 cents per minute. From the online interface, you can also monitor your space's performances and distribution costs by checking your operating report.


A flat-rate system


For your special events or exhibitions, our sales team can provide you with a personalised price quote that will take into account several factors including the duration of the exhibition, number of VR headsets used, and entry ticket price, etc.

Libraries, multimedia libraries and educational institutions


We have designed an offer that is specially tailored to the needs of libraries, multimedia libraries and educational institutions in the form of an annual flat fee and by thematic programme.


For further information, please contact us on the following email address: