Van Gogh's Palette

A virtual reality experience written and directed by Agnès Molia & Gordon

Vincent van Gogh spends the final two months of his life in Auvers- sur-Oise, where Doctor Gachet lives, a friend of the Impressionists, a ­collector and an amateur painter.


On 27 June 1890, the doctor lends Van Gogh a palette so that the artist could finish the portrait of his daughter ­Marguerite. This historic palette is now part of the Musée d’­Orsay’s collection.


Serving as an imaginary virtual landscape, Van ­Gogh’s Palette offers visitors a uniquely interactive and sensory ­experience of works painted by Van Gogh during this crucial period ­ of his career.


  • VR 6DoF interactive
  • Duration(s):
  • 10'
  • Language(s):
  • English
  • French
  • Chinese
  • Audience(s):
  • General audience


Directors: Agnès Molia, Gordon

Executive production: Lucid Realities, Tournez S’il Vous Plaît

Co-producers: Musée d'Orsay, VIVE Arts

Scientific advisers: Emmanuel Coquery, Dr Wouter van der Veen

Lead developer: Julien Daniel-Moliner

Artistic director: Timothée Marnat

Tech artist: Théotime Calandra